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This online site will provide IT services and consulting for both small and medium enterprises, and individuals. My goal is to create a diversity regarding this area, so everyone can choose what suits him. Solutions currently offered by me are 100% guaranteed and can support any customer!

Now come to your help with this new site computer repair and maintenance systems, providing complete solutions to the end user!

In the future I'll try to bring new and diverse offerings, because my users can have where to choose! Further seeks to provide solutions that fit perfectly in my beneficiaries' requirements, and therefore any feedback from you is welcome. During my service I work with professionalism and dynamism, a focus on client satisfaction. My goal is to provide higher quality services.

I am an IT engineer specializing in automation and informational Together we can find the best solution to meet your requirements.

Execute full service computer repair staff right at home monounsaturated My main objective is to maintain the best service in the market, thus meeting you.

Does your company website is the image in the virtual world of the internet, so you need to choose carefully the person that will make your design.

An online presence gives your business prestige, improve brand visibility and increase confidence
potential customers in your offer.

My goal is to help the recipient with proposals and ideas to reach a web desing ideal and unique for each one.

Rapid response to location / your home

Analysis of computer / laptop and finding defects

Cleaning powder paste change processor computer / laptop

Replacement / repair of computer cables

Replacement / repair sources

Replacement / repair motherboard

Replacement / repair processors

Replacement / repair CPU coolers

Replacement / repair video cards

Replacement / repair HDD (hard disk drive)

Replacement / repair CD / DVD writer
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